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A Cost Comparison

There are many ways document shredding companies charge for their services. Ultimately it is up to you to do your homework when choosing an on-site document destruction company.

Paper shredding rates vary by company:

By time
By the bin
By the pound
By the box
By the job

Not all paper shredding trucks can shred at the same rate. Some shred at 3000 pounds per hour and some shred twice that fast. Be sure to ask what their machine is capable of shredding per hour.

Some companies charge by the box. Would you pay the same rate for a half full box as you would for one filled to capacity?

We believe that shredding by the bin is the most cost effective for our clients. Any amount of paper you can fit into our 64 or 96 gallon bins will be charged a flat rate.

Our truck has a 5000 to 6000 pound per hour shredding capacity depending on the material being destroyed.

You should expect your document shredding company to destroy an average of 150 to 200 standard size banker boxes in one hour.

Remember that not all shredding trucks are the same. If you are comparing costs among document destruction companies, be sure you are comparing their same abilities.

Ultimate Shred will recycle all your paper with our secure recycling program, while keeping your discarded information safe.