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Document Disposal Basics

The number of people affected by identity theft is growing every day. So much sensitive information resides on printed material that it would seem the only way to protect ourselves from having that information stolen is to destroy it. Most identifying information is stolen through traditional methods of obtaining sensitive data, according to the BBB. This means obtaining the physical information that is discarded, rather than electronic data. Nearly 70% of data used in identity theft can be traced to the traditional "dumpster diving" method, with only 11% obtained through electronic means. The best means of securing your customers' information and your own is to shred rather than discard to the dumpsters that feed identity thieves.

Document Disposal Pitfalls

By the simple act of discarding data in the trash, the court system holds that the information is NOT valuable to you and therefore the court system will not support the protection of that data. If the data is taken from the dumpster, the court will not punish the dumpster diver for the simple act of taking the data. Security experts maintain that your trash is the single most valuable asset corporate spies can have. Don't allow your information to become public domain because you chose not to dispose of it securely.

Document Disposal Law Compliance

To combat the identity theft epidemic, the government has enacted a series of laws designed to enforce the protection of private information. Our Shredding Laws page walks you through them.

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Paper Shredding Helps the Environment

Shredding paper is not only a safe and secure way of preventing valuable information from getting into the hands of the wrong people, it is also a great way to contribute to helping the environment.

At Ultimate Shred we feel proud of our eco-friendly document shredding and how we are working with our clients to help save the environment.
Ultimate Shred will recycle whatever paper we have shredded, allowing your material to be used again instead of wasting space in a landfill. Also, by recycling the shredded paper, we help prevent the destruction of more virgin forest normally used to produce more, non-eco-friendly paper.

However, our impact on the environment is more than just saving trees. What many people don’t realize is that the process to turn trees into paper requires a significant amount of energy and water and it also adds pollutants into our air. Consider this. Recycling just one ton of paper saves about 7,000 gallons of water and 4,100 kilowatt hours of electricity

Why use a Shredding Service like Ultimate Shred?

If your organization is using an office shredder instead of a shredding service, chances are that at least one of your office mates is dumping shredded paper in the trash, instead of the recycling bin. That means your organization is not only NOT recycling all the paper they should, they’re also exposing confidential information to “dumpster divers” who can sift through your trash and then piece together strips of company information for their own personal gain.

Ultimate Shred will recycle all your paper with our secure recycling program, while keeping your discarded information safe.